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Top 10 Chicana Films for M.A.S.

by Tony D on 06/21/14

Why are we creating a list of Top 10 Chicana Films for M.A.S.? Because you demanded it!

Mexican American Studies (MAS) will spread like wildfire because people love it.

One example is all the great feed back to my last essay: Top Ten Chicano Films for M.A.S.  It's included in the MAS Texas Tool Kit to help teachers implement MAS or use MAS for a lesson plan.

For me it's a practical guide to use for my Mexican American Literature Course at Lone Star College-North Harris. I wanted to find out what our community really wanted to learn about, so I crowd sourced my syllabus. 

The reaction has been great, and had evolved into 2 other interesting lists that can also help teachers conduct MAS, but which folks really want to talk about.

List one: (This one in front of you.) Top 10 Chicana Films.

List two:  Deep Thoughts on Chican@ Films.

I want to thank Linda Garcia Merchant for all the work she had done for our community through arte and for sharing her insights on this list. We will have her on the NP Radio Show to talk about this.

So did your favorite make the list? Do you have any more to suggest? We'll list your responses here. See you in class! Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante.

So here are the 15 Chicana films. Compiled by Linda Garcia Merchant.

15.   Palabras Dulces Palabras Amargas. Director: Linda Garcia Merchant (2009). (Classroom clock: 45 mins).

14.   Las Mujeres de la Caucus Chicana. Director: Linda Garcia Merchant (2007) (Classroom clock: 93 mins.)

13.   Adelante Mujeres. Director/Producer: National Women’s History Project (1992). (Classroom clock: 30 mins.)

12.  Las Marthas. Director: Cristina Ibarra (2014). (Classroom clock: 66 mins.)

11.  Mosquita Y Mari. Director/Writer: Aurora Guerrero (2012). (Classroom clock: 85 mins.)

10.  My Filmmaking, My Life Matilde Landeta. Director: Patricia Diaz Producer: Jane Ryder (1990). (Classroom clock: 30 mins.)

9.  Antonia: A Chicana Story. Directors: Luz Maria Gordillo and Juan Javier Pescador (2013). (Classroom clock: 55 mins.)

8.  Pilsen: Port of Entry. Director: Kenneth Solarz Producer: Nancy De Los Santos (1981) (Classroom clock: 28mins.)

7.   The Bronze Screen: 100 Years of the Latino Image in American Cinema. Producers/Directors: Nancy De Los Santos, Susan Racho, Alberto Dominguez (2002). (Classroom clock: 90 mins)

6.  La Trotacalles.  Director: Matilde Landeta (1951) (Classroom clock: 101 mins.)

5.  La Negra Angustias. Director: Matilde Landeta Writers: Matilde Landeta and Francisco Rojas Gonzalez (1949) (Classroom clock: 85 mins.)

4. Corpus:A Home Movie For Selena. Director/Producer: Lourdes Portillo (1999) (Classroom clock: 47 mins.)

3. Senorita Extraviada, Missing Young Woman. Director/Producer: Lourdes Portillo (2001) (Classroom clock: 74 mins.) Story of the murdered women of Juarez Mexico.

2.  A Crushing Love Chicanas, Motherhood and Activism. Director/Writer: Sylvia Morales (2009) (Classroom clock: 58 mins). Sequel to Chicana.

1.  Chicana. Director/Writer: Sylvia Morales (1979) (Classroom clock: 23 mins). History of Chicana and Mexican women from pre Columbian times to the present.

Linda Garcia Merchant, Technical Director, Chicana Por Mi Raza Project, Digital Media Partner, Somos Latinas Oral History Project (U/Wisconsin Madison), MABPW Collection (U/Illinois Chicago), Producer, Voces Primeras.

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1. Kim Dominguez said on 6/25/14 - 01:18PM
Why is PK on the original Chicano film list? Did Texas not get the memo?

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