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MAS Texas Tool Kit
*TUSD MAS led to 98% graduation.
*Personal Testimony
*Legal Framework
We're fine-tuning the MAS Texas Took Kit to help any K-12 teacher to incorporate Mexican American Studies. This can range from implementing an entire curriculum to using one lesson plan for a particular unit or obvious time of year such as Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Why Implement MAS
*Raise Family Engagement
*MAS Talking Points 
*Number of Schools
MAS VS Latino Studies
*What is the difference?
*How they overlap.
*Quantum Demographics
Mexican American Literature
*Examples from professors & writers.
*Examples from NACCS Tejas Foco
*Chicana/Tejana Literature Syllabus (Dual Credit.)
Spanish: MAS Special Topics
*Examples from professors & writers.
*Examples from English Depts.
*Examples from NACCS Tejas Foco
MAS Lesson Plans
*Film/Book: Ultimate Bless Me, Ultima. 
*MAS Film: A Class Apart.
*MAS Multimedia: Twitter Assignment
MAS Displays/Exhibits
*Hispanic Heritage Month Displays.
*Banned Book Week Displays.
*Cinco De Mayo Displays.
*Top 10 Chicano Films for MAS.
*MAS Readings for Spanish Special Topics
*Top 10 Chicana Films for MAS.
Why Implement MAS Texas? 
MAS Texas Syllabi.
MAS Texas Lesson Plans/Lecture Notes: 
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What tools do you need to implement M.A.S. in the classroom?A single class lesson plan.
Material for one week of classes.
Hispanic Heritage Month readings.
Women's History Month readings.
Banned Books Week readings.
An entire 6 week curriculum.
Ideas for using social media.
Ideas for utilizing film, music, videos.
A step by step guide on how to implement a course.
A step by step workshop on how to conduct MAS courses.
A list of speakers to invite to campus.
University of Houston Student Emily Rodriguez testifying at the TX State Board of Education in support of MAS.
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